General Information

Mission and Vision 

Our mission is to inspire curiosity, champion innovation, and spark opportunity.  

Washington County’s vision is to be a great place to live, work and play… today and tomorrow. 

  1. Strategic Plan
  2. Annual Reports

In 2022 Washington County Library is embarking on a new strategic planning process. As part of the process, we will be gathering input and feedback from library and Washington County staff, elected and appointed officials, and the public.

Washington County Library Strategic Plan (2016 - 2021)

Goal 1:  Deliver Extraordinary Programs, Services, and Collections

  • Strategy 1: Expand outreach services to underserved populations.
  • Strategy 2: Support the growth and development of youth and families.
  • Strategy 3: Cultivate lifelong learning opportunities for adults.
  • Strategy 4: Align library collections to meet changing needs.
  • Strategy 5: Demonstrate value and advocate for resources.

Goal 2:  Expand Public Awareness of the Library

  • Strategy 1: Revise and refresh the Library Mission Statement.
  • Strategy 2: Overhaul the Library’s website.
  • Strategy 3: Create a three-year marketing and promotions plan.
  • Strategy 4: Increase dedicated marketing and promotions resources.

Goal 3:  Improve Library Facilities

  • Strategy 1: Update existing space and plan for new facilities.
  • Strategy 2: Explore opportunities to rework current space to meet evolving community needs.
  • Strategy 3: Develop a capital improvement plan.

Goal 4:  Cultivate Partnerships

  • Strategy 1: Create a community engagement plan which includes partnerships with area organizations, businesses, and schools.
  • Strategy 2: Expand use of volunteers to support and advocate for current and future library needs.
  • Strategy 3: Work with fundraising and advocacy groups and other community partners to increase support for the Library.

Goal 5:  Serve as a Community Technology Hub

  • Strategy 1: Enhance public technology training opportunities.
  • Strategy 2: Champion emergent technologies.
  • Strategy 3: Provide ongoing information technology training for staff.

Find more information in the Washington County Library strategic plan report (PDF).