Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Brooks, Emily R.H. Stafford Library Services Supervisor  Email 651-275-8512
Eierman, Natalie Oakdale Library Manager Email 651-275-8592
Fanta, Henok R.H. Stafford Library Services Supervisor  Email 651-275-8564
Gardner, Margaret R.H. Stafford Library Manager Email 651-275-8557
Jungwirth, Melissa Park Grove Library Services Supervisor  Email 651-275-8579
Kaple, Tina Library Division Manager Email 651-275-8503
Kraft, Brian Library Project Coordinator, Data & Digital Collections Email 651-275-8505
LaBrosse, Dawn Youth Services Librarian Email 651-275-8522
Lehr, Kimberly Hardwood Creek Library Services Supervisor  Email 651-275-7316
Noyes, Angie Library Project Coordinator, Collection Development & Management Email 651-275-8507
Olson, Megan Wildwood Library Manager Email 651-275-8542
Riel, Martha Lake Elmo Library and Valley Library Manager Email 651-275-8516
Rosten, Sarah Hardwood Creek Library Manager Email 651-275-7302
Ryskoski, Keith Library Director Email 651-275-8501
Schulte, Jessi Park Grove Senior Library Manager Email 651-275-8583
Stenftenagel, Amy Strategic and Digital Services Divison Manager Email 651-275-8521
Ukura, Kim Social Media Specialist Email 651-275-8511
Venable, Bethany Communications Specialist Email 651-275-8504