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  1. Assignment Alert Form for Educators
  2. Exam Services Request

    In order to arrange for Washington County Library exam services, fill out this form. Students must schedule exams at least 48 hours in... More…

  3. Minecraft

    Library Minecraft player form and rules.

  4. Show Your Library Card Program Contract

    Business Partnership Contract

  5. Teen Hackathon Volunteer Application

    Washington County Library is currently looking for volunteers for its first-ever Teen Hackathon. The Teen Hackathon will pair mentor... More…

  6. Winter Reads Book Review Form

    Submit this form and you could receive a reward book pack as part of the 2019 Winter Reads adult reading program. The drawing will take... More…

  1. Author/Book Talk Request Form

    Are you interested in presenting a program at Washington County Library? Please complete an Author/Book Talk Request Form.

  2. Library Volunteer Application
  3. Public Minecraft Accounts

    Agreement to follow the rules when using the Library's public Minecraft accounts

  4. Suggest a Title
  5. Visit Request for Educators