Lexile Guide

Lexile and other reading measures can assist in finding reading materials at your child's unique reading level, matching their abilities in a way that they will not become too frustrated or find the text to be "too easy."

Reading materials in a “sweet spot” of 100L below to 50L above a reported Lexile measure will provide an ideal level of challenge while maintaining comprehension. Please remember that content may also need to be considered with young readers at higher Lexile ranges.

  1. What if we don't use Lexile?
  2. How do I find books by Lexile level?

Don’t know your student’s Lexile score? That’s ok! Lexile is just one of several different reading level systems. This chart from Raz-Kids compares Lexile measurements with other leveling systems like Guided Reading Levels, Fountas and Pennill, or age and grade level. With this information, you can translate various leveling systems into Lexile before jumping into our catalog.

The Lexile framework is used with the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs), which is why we've included them in our catalog. If you're interested more in Lexile levels, please reach out to your child's school. 

Lexile Correlation Chart

Independent Reading Level Assessment
Fountas & PinnellSuggested Lexile

BR0 - 70L
K2Y (2 Yellow)
1G (1 Green)
A,B80L - 200 L
12G (2 Green)
1B (1 Blue)
2B (2 Blue)
C, D, E, F, G, H, I200L - 400L
21R (1 Red)
2R (2 Red)
J, K, L, M300L - 500L
3Wt (White)N, O, P500L - 700L
4Bk (Black)Q, R650L - 850L
5Or (Orange)S, T, U, V750L - 950L
6Pu (Purple)W, X, Y850L - 1050L

What are Lexile text codes?

Some Lexile measures also include a two letter code to give more specific information about the type of books it is identifying. Books with an AD, for example, are “Adult Directed,” meaning they are better when read aloud with an adult rather than read independently. Books with an “NC” are good for high-ability readers who may still need age appropriate content. You can find out about all of the current Lexile text codes on the Lexile website.

How can I learn more about Lexile?

Here are a few resources you can check out to better understand Lexile specifically, or guided reading more generally: