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Show Your Library Card Program Contract

  1. Washington County Library
  2. Show Your Library Card Program
    Business Partnership Contract
  3. Upload your logo artwork. Must be less than 5 MB. We accept: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, eps, tif, pdf
  4. Discount/Offer Information

    Please note: •You must complete the entire season; no mid-season opting out permitted. •Participation in the Show Your Library Card campaign requires your business to provide a unique offer or discount exclusive to Washington County Library cardholders and must be different than any other deals your business is simultaneously offering. Washington County Library has the right to decline business participation. •You must comply with the Washington County Library Show Your Library Card guidelines to participate in the program.

  5. Washington County Library will use the above discount/offer written by the business for its Show Your Library Card program. The terms written in the above box will be used for promotions. The library reserves the right to edit for space limitation and uniformity.
  6. Washington County Library’s Responsibility
    Washington County Library will provide the following promotions with partner information included when possible: • Program guides at your business and Washington County libraries promoting the program. • A window cling for your business of the Show Your Library Card logo. • Inclusion of all participants and their offers on a dedicated web page, with a link to each business where possible.
  7. and Washington County Library are entered into this contract.
  8. This contract will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Minnesota. This contract constitutes the entire contract between the parties and may not be modified, amended or changed except in writing signed by all parties to this contract. This contract will be binding upon the inure of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns, provided that neither party hereto will have the right to assign this contract or assign any duty, service or responsibility hereunder without the prior written consent of the other party. Each party in this contract warrants and represents that the individual signing this contract has the authority to bind his or her respective company or person.
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