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Public Minecraft Accounts

  1. Library Minecraft Account Rules

    The Library owns multiple Minecraft accounts that are made available for public use on our library server. Individuals using the library’s Minecraft accounts must abide by the Washington County Library Policy on Internet Use. This policy can be read and accepted upon logging into any of our public computer stations.
    The library’s public Minecraft accounts can only be used in the following ways:

    1. In Single Player


    2. In Multiplayer on the Library Minecraft Server (

    The Washington County Library Minecraft Server uses several plugins to filter out and report inappropriate use of language. Other plugins are installed to protect from griefing and allow for the restoration damaged structures. All players should be aware that library staff will periodically review activity on our server.

    Instructions filing a complaint or grievance are posted on the library’s website. All decisions made by library staff are final.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in revoked privileges of the library’s Minecraft accounts.

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