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  1. Minecraft Rules

    • The server will generally be run as a vanilla survival server with a several Bukkit plugins
    • No griefing! Griefing includes destruction of other players’ property, pouring lava or water in people’s homes, preventing someone from building or building on someone else’s creation
    • No swearing or inappropriate language. You will be kicked out of the game. This includes self-censoring with symbols and “*”
    • No stealing from chests, furnaces, etc. that do not belong to you. Unless it is specifically a community chest, do not take from it
    • No spamming the chat box
    • No inappropriate buildings, including swastikas and other hurtful symbols, inappropriate body parts, etc.
    • You may not use any x-ray texture packs or cheating clients
    • Please keep server conversation light-hearted. No political debates, macabre jokes about death or suicide, etc.
    • Please respect admins and moderators
    • Respect each other and be courteous to other players. Treat other people as you would want to be treated.

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