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Library Volunteer Application

  1. Age

  2. List past work experience including volunteer work, especially experience applicable to libraries.

  3. List skills, knowledge or education which would benefit the library.

  4. Time Commitment

    Volunteer positions require an on-going commitment of at least 6 months. Special projects may be available for less than 6 months.

  5. When are you available?

  6. Please list the names, occupations and phone numbers of two employers, supervisors, teachers or other non-relatives we may contact.

  7. Washington County will not discriminate against or harass any volunteer or volunteer applicant because of race, creed, religion, national origin, sex, mental or physical disability, age, marital status, or status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, familial status or politics.

  8. Court-mandated community service

    If you need to complete court-mandated community service, please contact your preferred branch by phone or in-person.

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