Washington County Library loves Minecraft! Join in the fun on WashCoLib's official Minecraft Java Edition server or play Minecraft at the library using one of our free public accounts. 

Our server provides a safe, friendly, community environment for Minecraft players of all ages to work together, build, and have fun. All you need to get started is Minecraft Java Edition and a personal account or a free public account at the library.

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Challenge: Vacation Destination

For our summer 2021 Build Contest, we challenged Minecraft builders to create the ultimate “Vacation Destination.” Players had one week to use their creativity and and skills to build anything from pools to dancefloors, from hammocks to roller coasters!

Builds were judged on creativity, detail, maneuverability, and cohesive concept. One build from each age range was chosen as the winner: ages 5-8, 9-12, 13-18. Participants, we'd love to hear what you thought! Please fill out our program evaluation survey.

Check out our winners below! 

Winner for Ages 13-18: Halle, Age 15

the streets of Venice in Minecraft

Honorable Mention for Ages 13-18: Alexis, Age 15

treehouse and other features in Minecraft

Winner for Ages 9-12: Calvin, Age 10

an island with a sandy beach and small house in minecraft

Winner for Ages 5-8: Team Foxes (Olivia, Lincoln, and Joshua)

Minecraft screenshot of a large castle