Washington County Library loves Minecraft! We offer free Minecraft Java Edition public accounts at all of our WashCoLib branches. 

You can also join in the fun on WashCoLib’s official Minecraft server. Our server provides a safe, friendly, community environment for Minecraft players of all ages to work together, build, and have fun. All you need to get started is Minecraft Java Edition and a personal account or a free public account at the library. 

  1. WashCoLib Minecraft Server
  2. Public Minecraft Accounts
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Summer 2021 Build Contest!

How do I start playing on the WashCoLib Minecraft server?

If you have Minecraft Java Edition:

  1. Fill out the Minecraft Server Player Form and include your Minecraft username to get whitelisted to join our server. 
  2. Wait for an email confirmation that you have been whitelisted. 
  3. Once your account is whitelisted, log in to the WashCoLib Minecraft server:
  • Select Multiplayer. 
  • Choose “Add server” to connect to the WashCoLib server.
  • Give the server a name and enter in the IP: WCL.serverminer.com. 
  • You should now see the WashCoLib server listed on your account. Click Join Server! 

If you do not have Minecraft Java Edition:

We have free public accounts you can use on a public computer at any WashCoLib branch. To use a library account, visit your local branch and ask a staff member to sign you into a public Minecraft account on one of our public computers. You will need to fill out a Minecraft Player Form the first time you play.