Fix-It Clinic


Bring your broken items to a Washington County Library Fix-It Clinic and get them repaired for free! 

Sessions with fixers are first-come, first-served. You must remain with your items while fixers work alongside you to disassemble, troubleshoot, and repair them.

All are welcome! Please bring no more than 3 broken items to be repaired. All items must be carry-in, no oversized items allowed. Examples for items that can be repaired include:

  • Broken lamps
  • Small household appliances (toasters, blenders)
  • Small electronics
  • Torn clothing or household items

You’ll learn valuable repair techniques during your session and hopefully walk away with a fixed item you would have otherwise thrown away!

Participants younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult while at the Fix-It Clinic.


Bring your skills as a fixer to Washington County Library’s upcoming Fix-It Clinics. You can help people save items such as small household appliances, electronics, or clothing and more from being thrown away.

Participants in the Fix-It Clinic will bring in up to 3 small items for fixing. They will work alongside you as together you disassemble, troubleshoot, and repair the items. All are welcome!

Ready to help? Please fill out the Fix-It Clinic volunteer form. A Washington County Library staff member will contact you to learn more about your area of fixing interest, and coordinate your time at the Fix-It Clinic. If you have additional questions, contact Henok Fanta.

Thank you for helping!