Wireless Printing

Send documents to the library’s printers and pick them up when you’re ready. Items can be sent from your own computer or mobile device at home, in the library, or on the go. 

To pick up your documents, go to the print release terminal near the reference desk within 24 hours of sending. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or coins only. 

Black and white: 15¢ per page
Color: 50¢ per page

How to Print

  1. Through the website - best for printing documents, webpages, and photos
  2. Email documents - best for printing emails or email attachments 
  3. Mobile App - best for printing photos and webpages 

Each library has a webpage for uploading documents to print. Click the link for the library you’d like to print to and follow the instructions. 

LibraryPrinting Webpage
Hardwood Creekhttps://www.printeron.net/washcolib/hardwoodcreek
Lake Elmo https://www.printeron.net/washcolib/lakeelmo
Law Libraryhttps://www.printeron.net/washcolib/lawlibrary
Park Grovehttps://www.printeron.net/washcolib/parkgrove
R.H. Staffordhttps://www.printeron.net/washcolib/r-h-stafford

Each wireless printer has an email address. To print an email message or attachment, send or forward an email to the printer email address of your choice. 

Library Black and White Printer 
Color Printer 
Hardwood Creekhc.bw@printspots.comhc.co@printspots.com
Lake Elmole.bw@printspots.comle.co@printspots.com
Law Libraryll.bw@printspots.comll.co@printspots.com
Park Grovepg.bw@printspots.compg.co@printspots.com
R.H. Staffordrhs.bw@printspots.comrhs.co@printspots.com

Mobile App
PrinterOn, a mobile printing app that allows you to access over 10,000 public print locations worldwide (including our libraries!) is available for Android and iOS devices.