Strategic Plan

Washington County Library Strategic Plan 2016 - 2021

Goal 1:  Deliver Extraordinary Programs, Services, and Collections

Strategy 1: Expand outreach services to underserved populations.
Strategy 2: Support the growth and development of youth and families.
Strategy 3: Cultivate lifelong learning opportunities for adults.
Strategy 4: Align library collections to meet changing needs.
Strategy 5: Demonstrate value and advocate for resources.

Goal 2:  Expand Public Awareness of the Library

Strategy 1: Revise and refresh the Library Mission Statement.
Strategy 2: Overhaul the Library’s website.
Strategy 3: Create a three-year marketing and promotions plan.
Strategy 4: Increase dedicated marketing and promotions resources.

Goal 3:  Improve Library Facilities

Strategy 1: Update existing space and plan for new facilities.
Strategy 2: Explore opportunities to rework current space to meet evolving community needs.
Strategy 3: Develop a capital improvement plan.

Goal 4:  Cultivate Partnerships

Strategy 1: Create a community engagement plan which includes partnerships with area organizations, businesses, and schools.
Strategy 2: Expand use of volunteers to support and advocate for current and future library needs.
Strategy 3: Work with fundraising and advocacy groups and other community partners to increase support for the Library.

Goal 5:  Serve as a Community Technology Hub

Strategy 1: Enhance public technology training opportunities.
Strategy 2: Champion emergent technologies.
Strategy 3: Provide ongoing information technology training for staff.

Find more information in the Washington County Library strategic plan report (PDF).